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Here is why your auto insurance rates change

Have you ever opened an insurance renewal letter or an email and wonder what changed that caused your rate to go up or down? Lets take a look and see what some of the reasons are behind the price fluctuations.

  1. You may have added or removed vehicles
  2. You may have elected to change some of your coverage options
  3. You have added or removed drivers
  4. Drivers listed on your policy have had a change in their driving record, meaning, a ticket or accident was removed over the past 3 to 5 year review period, or a driver was recently involved in an accident or received a speeding ticket or other driving violation.

    Factors around the region, area, or county you live

  5. Amount of accidents around you goes up or down
  6. Weather factor changes (tornadoes, hail, floods, etc..)
  7. Prices of vehicles got more expensive and repairs more costly

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