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However, there is a new database in town, it’s in place, and it’s aim is to get everyone paying for insurance. TexasSure is a new vehicle insurance verification system that will ultimately allow law enforcement and county tax officials to confirm whether a vehicle in Texas has required personal auto liability insurance coverage. It will help reduce the number of uninsured vehicles in Texas. It is expected to help stop the actions some motorists take to avoid the law, such as using phony proof of insurance cards or obtaining insurance to get a card and then promptly canceling the policy once they’ve renewed their car registration or had their vehicle inspected.

An estimated one out of every five vehicles on our Texas roads has no automobile insurance (That’s nearly 4 million cars without insurance or about 20 percent of all vehicles in Texas). In some areas of the state, the concentration of uninsured vehicles may be even higher. That means that the four out of every five vehicle owners who do carry the minimum legal coverage wind up having to personally pay the consequences, either by paying their own medical bills and auto repairs if they’re hit by an uninsured driver or by collectively spending nearly $1 billion every year for optional insurance coverage to protect themselves against uninsured and underinsured drivers.

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