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When choosing an insurance agency, most people go into it with only one consideration in mind, the cost and so ends up choosing the one with the lowest price. Price is a consideration and an important one, but it shouldn’t be the only one. In fact, low price is often indicative of inferior coverage that most people don’t realize is detrimental until they are faced with a loss that wasn’t covered.

So, what factors should you consider when choosing an insurance agent or agency? The following are some of the most important factors to help you choose an insurance agency.

Direct Writers or Independent Agency?

You can get coverage from an insurance company in one of two ways. From direct writers who are sales people the insurance company hires to write for them or you can get cover from an independent agency that has contracts with multiple insurers. An independent agency like Woods Insurance Agency is a better choice if you want competitive rates and more options to choose from.

What Kind of Insurance Do You Need?

Some independent agents will offer only one type of insurance like homeowner insurance only or life insurance. But there are some that offer a diversified range of coverage for everyone. There are also agencies that choose to focus on coverage of a personal nature and others focus on both personal and commercial insurance needs. If for example you own a business in Longview and own a home in the area as well and you’d like a one stop insurance solution for both, Woods Insurance Agency might be able to help. The agency offers insurance cover products to suit both personal and commercial needs.

Credentials and Experience

It is necessary to inquire about an agency or the agent’s experience and credentials in the insurance business, but it’s surprising how much this consideration is overlooked. You need to make sure that the person you’re buying insurance from having the right technical knowledge and experience to offer you this service. You can look for designations like CPCU, ARM, CRM, CIC after their name. Another good way to judge a company’s experience is in the length of time they have been doing business. With over 20 years’ experience providing insurance services, Woods Insurance Agency has the necessary knowledge of the needs of Longview residents and as such can meet these needs with ease.

How easy is it to Sign Up?

A good insurance service provider whether an agency or company will make it very easy for you to look over the policy and sign it. You don’t have time for lengthy processes and as such shouldn’t have to spend too much time purchasing insurance. For the benefit of busy Longview residents, Woods Insurance Agency has created a totally paperless system that allows you to go over the policy, sign in and send it back to the offices without ever having to set foot in their office. This ease is born out of the need to simplify a once very time-consuming process and make it more accessible.

As part of the Longview community, Woods has tailored its processes and business to meet the needs of Longview residents. You can get auto insurance cover, homeowner insurance cover, motorcycle cover, life cover and many more all at reasonable rates and above all, tailored to your needs.

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