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Mansfield Insurance Agency

We are a versatile independent insurance agency located in Mansfield city, with a wide scope of cover that includes: Auto Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Boat Insurance, Business Insurance, Home, Life and Umbrella Insurance. We take into account the need for the population to cover their property under a secure, promising and relatively pocket friendly insurance policy. It is for this reason that we offer our clients up close and personal, professional advice as we take them through each of our products.

At Woods Insurance, we understand that the customer is always right. We serve all clients across Mansfield and its environs, from an individual’s perspective, no matter the social class, how small or vast the insurance policy is and limits. We are a fully digitized company, offering clean paperless dealings and transactions. This allows us to offer you real time cover and renewal whenever it’s due.

Our Products

Auto Insurance

Our auto insurance policy includes real time auto insurance for your car or truck, covering it under major and minor accidents, theft and natural hazards such as fires and floods. We treat each case individually, quoting you specific to your driving patterns and habits.

SR22 Insurance

At Woods Insurance Agency, Mansfield, we also specialize in SR22insurance policy for your car. We are authorized by the Mansfield department of motor vehicles to offer this vehicle liability insurance for high risk cases for individuals previously caught on the wrong side of the law, following a suspended license, previous DUI or an uninsured car accident.

Unlike other insurance agencies, we do not cancel our client’s policy soon as we receive an SR22 request. No. On the contrary, we listen, access the situation and offer same-day SR22 cover.

Motorcycle Insurance

We offer motorcycle insurance cover against damage from accidents, fire, floods and theft. Our online request form ensures prompt service for you, our client.

Homeowner Insurance

We offer homeowner insurance policies for both individuals and real estate firms all across Mansfield and its outcasts. We offer insurance cover for old homes, new homes, ranches, rentals and buildings under construction. Our team accesses the buildings, and for the work in progress, and overall risks and implications. Thereafter, we provide the clients comprehensive coverage policies for each and every building according to its particulars.

Under homeowner insurance, we at Woods Insurance Agency also specialize in mobile home insurance policy and renter’s insurance policies, which covers protection in the case of hazards such as fire, floods, lightning, theft and earthquakes. Our replacement plan covers the mobile home and furniture, and not just the depreciated cash value.

Life Insurance Policy

We offer a friendly life insurance that includes health insurance, recognized in most hospitals not only in Mansfield, but also across the country. Our health insurance policy covers both inpatient and outpatient cases, surgical cases and flying doctor coverage. Our life insurance policy covers our clients against total disability and death, allowing you to live a stress free life.

Why Choose A Woods Insurance Agency

  • – We are a professional insurance firm that treats each case individually instead of pooling them as a group.
  • – We operate a paper free system, offering real time fast accessible services.
  • – Our policies are pocket friendly.
  • – We specialize in SR22 policies.

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