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Don’t let this happen to you. Many had no insurance. If you live in Texas then you know we sometimes get storms with high winds, hail as big as baseballs, fires from lack of rain, tornados, and if you’re near the coast then you are also in a high wind/flood zone.

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Make Sure Your Insurance Covers:


  • Replacement Cost coverage on your home and contents, not just Actual Cash depreciated value.
  • Comprehensive physical damage protection, Personal effects protection, Adjacent structures protection.
  • Protection against Fire & Smoke, Windstorm & Hail, Flood, Lightning, Earthquake, Falling objects, Theft, Vandalism, and much more.
  • Fast and Easy claim service

Myths Vs. Facts

MYTH: Manufactured homes are not well-made.
FACT: You are assured of first-rate construction, because all manufactured homes built since 1976 must meet the strict performance standards of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The department’s code requires the highest standards in every phase of construction and its requirements are comparable to the Standard/Building Code for site-built homes. Also, all manufacturers have their own quality assurance programs, and every home’s design and construction is inspected and approved by an independent outside source.

MYTH: Manufactured homes are not safe.
FACT: As for fire, a Foremost Insurance Company study concluded that the chance of fire in a site-built home is twice that of today’s manufactured home. Thanks to stringent building codes, safety inspection standards and the state’s anchoring requirements.

MYTH: Manufactured homes are difficult to finance.
FACT: Financing a manufactured home is no more difficult than financing any other home. Personal property financing is readily available. Conventional, VA, FHA and other financing programs, with terms of up to 30 years, are available when a home is financed as real property. Lenders are active in financing manufactured homes because studies prove that the appreciation of these homes is comparable to the appreciation of site-built homes.

MYTH: Manufactured homes are not attractive.
FACT: Seeing is believing, so step inside and you’ll experience all the appeal and comfort you expect in a high-quality home. There’s a spacious, stylish and beautiful manufactured home for every taste, budget and lifestyle. Whatever you want in your next home, you can have it in a manufactured home!


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